All of our guides are experienced, expert birders and naturalists, with an excellent knowledge of the birds and wildlife of Chile.


Some of our guides are deeply involved in the main Naturalist Non-Governmental Organization of Chile (Network of Birdwatching and Wildlife of Chile). They are leading some of the most important conservation and research projects like the Chilean Breeding Birds Atlas, Markham’s Storm Petrel, Diademed Sandpiper-Plover, and ebird-Chile, among others.


Our professional and charismatic team of guides will make your trip an unforgettable experience.


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Rodrigo Silva

Birding & Wildlife Guide

Heraldo Norambuena

Birding Guide

Paola has always loved nature and has dedicated most of her career to the study of the birds and conservation of biodiversity. She holds a biology degree from the Catholic University of Chile with a focus on ornithology and coursework that included the ecology and conservation of terrestrial bird species. Her thesis project was a study of the distribution of bird communities in different habitats in the central zone of Chile. Her professional work includes: participating in the “Neotropical Census of Aquatic Birds” (Wetlands International), conducting population and behavior studies of aquatic birds in Ramsar sites (The Convention on Wetlands of International Importance), rehabilitating native fauna, conducting environmental education, and teaching native species protection.


She has worked in National Parks, Reserves and Sanctuaries throughout the country acquiring extensive experience in fieldwork and as a naturalist. Her knowledge of bird calls gives her a great ability to find and identify terrestrial birds.


She has been organizing and guiding birdwatching and natural history excursions around Chile for 10 years and speaks English fluently.  

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Paola Soublette

Birding & Naturalist Guide

Edwin is a serious birder and is participating in several projects related to this endeavour.  As an active member of the Chilean NGO Red de Observadores de Aves de Chile (ROC) he is a volunteer managing membership credentials for the organization.  Edwin is also an eBird-Chile hotspot reviewer.

Edwin is also the national co-coordinator of Neotropical Waterbird Census organized by the ROC and Wetlands International (with Heraldo Norambuena). He will nonetheless, get out to the field to perform the census for the O'Higgins region just south of Santiago.  Another project he is involved in is the bi-annual Chilean Condor census as a volunteer, collecting important information that can help preserve this enigmatic species.


He is an English native speaker and the son of a hunter and avid fly fisher he spent much of his youth outdoors, developing his love for nature.  Edwin is an IT professional and as such needs to get out and breathe some air, so nothing better than to go chasing birds!  This has led him to travel most of Chile's long and diverse geography in search of our feathery friends.


He is very enthusiastic in being a part of ALBATROSS BIRDING and sharing the remarkable experience of birdwatching in Chile.

Edwin French

Birding Guide

Erik grew up in southern Chile, where he developed a love for the outdoors and an interest in birds when tagging along with his older brother, who is also a keen birder. Family camping vacations in the mountains and forests of southern Chile nurtured his fascination for nature that later inspired him to pursue a career in biology.


Since his early years of becoming a birder he has travelled throughout Chile in search of birds, from the oasis valleys in the far north, to the high mountain valleys of central Chile, and further afield to the lush green fjords and barren steppe in Patagonia.


While in university he worked on a conservation research project of the endangered huemul deer in northern Patagonia and currently is working on a PhD in zoology, studying the ecology and evolution of island birds in Australia.  He currently spends his time between Chile and the UK, birding whenever he can.


Erik is an English native speaker.


Erik Sandvig

Birding Guide

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Fernando is a young field ornithologist from Chile.


He studied a MSc in evolutionary ecology in the Universidad de Chile, where he have developed research on breeding ecology and natural history of birds. Furthermore, he is leading the first Breeding Birds Atlas of Chile.


As you may imagine, he can tell you a lot about Chilean birds!.


He has been involved in Grey gull, Markham Storm-petrel, Ringed Storm-petrel and Chilean woodstar monitoring projects in northern Chile, and in Waterfowl/shorebird/passerine monitoring and banding birds projects in Chile. In these projects, he has developed the skill of recognize most of birds by their calls, knowledge that he can use to great effect for his birding clients.


He has been a serious birder 2008, and since then he has traveled birding and guiding around the whole of Chile and can lead birders with confidence anywhere in the country.

Fernando Medrano

Birding Guide

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Heraldo is a young and enthusiast birder of Temuco, who has a strong knowledge of the birds of the Araucania region. He is a Biologist in Natural Resources Management and candidate to Doctor in Systematics and Biodiversity.


He has worked on the study of reproductive and vocal behavior of forest raptors (Rufous-tailed Hawk and owls), and in population studies of endangered or poorly known birds as Red-legged cormorant (Phalacrocorax gaimardi), Hellmayr's Pipit (Anthus hellmayri) and Markham's storm-petrel (Oceanodroma markhami).


Actually is working in systematics, taxonomy, biogeography and bioacoustics of Neotropical paserine birds, with special focus on Pipits (Anthus spp.). Is regional coordinator (Araucanía and Los Ríos) of Chilean Breeding Bird Atlas, co-editor of the birding magazine "La Chiricoca", regional editor for eBird Chile and national coordinator of Neotropical Waterbird Census organized by the ROC and Wetlands International.

Fernando, or "Feña", showed a special interest in birds that live around his neighborhood since his childhood. He grew up birding in the fields and wetlands of Lampa, a few kilometers from Santiago de Chile, where he early developed abilities to observe birds. Feña has strong skills to recognize birds by song and his first serious approach to bird studies was when he has been invited to participate as a volunteer in waterfowl censuses and bird banding. This changed his mind and carried him to leave his current job as landscaper to devote to his true passion, Birds and Nature!

He has been traveling extensively through most of the habitats of Chile and several countries in South America, for birding and studying birds. He also spent 6 months banding birds in the US and Canada.

He enjoys spending time birding in the field, especially in the high Andes of Chile, where he co-leads a study on the charismatic Diademed Sandpiper-Plover. Feña is also one of the eBird-Chile reviewers and he is involved in several other bird projects with the Chilean NGO Red de Observadores de Aves de Chile (the Chilean Birders Network). He leads bird trips in Chile, Argentina and Brazil. During his travel he enjoys to show each possible bird, teach about their ecology and show every piece of nature.

Fernando Díaz

Director & Birding Guide

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Eduardo Navarro

Birding Guide

A passionate naturalist, Eduardo has remained close to outdoors activities throughout his career.He was born in Santiago, capital city of Chile, but grew up in Punta Arenas where he developed his fascination for wildlife and birds. With a veterinarian background, since early years at university he showed an interest in biodiversity, conservation and ornithology.


He has participated in different wildlife conservation projects in Chile, Bolivia and lately in Sydney, working with different species such as guanacos, south Andean deer, pumas, Andean condors, raptors and shorebirds.


One of his passions is to travel around the world discovering new places, cultures and of course, looking for new birds. During recent years he has travelled around Europe and Asia, either walking in the Nepalese Himalayas, discovering Thailand's wetlands and getting lost among the ruins of Cambodia, always with his binoculars in hand.


Eduardo has lived for the last one and a half years in Australia and now he is excited to be part of ALBATROSS BIRDING and share with other birders worldwide the wonderful experience of birdwatching in Chile. 

Rodrigo is a chilean veterinarian by profession but a naturalist by choice. He has Masters studies in wilderness conservation and has been working both as a Wildlife specialist on environmental assessment and as a Guide for Albatross Birding and Nature Tours since 2010.


Due to his work he has traveled across most of the rural parts Chile for the last 10 years, which has given him a deep knowledge of the whole wildlife spectrum and specifically of birds.


He knows many off the beaten track destinations, little-known restaurants and all kinds of stuff you could expect from an experienced local guide. Together with this Rodrigo has a big passion for Chilean music, food and wine!


He is an active member of ROC (Chilean birders network), being involved as eBird reviewer and in the research project on breeding biology of Storm-Petrels (Elliot's, Markham's and Ringed) in the world's most arid desert.


As an environmental consultant he is currently leading some bird and bat monitoring programs on wind farms and power lines. In the past years he also has been involved in fieldwork with species like Andean Cat, Colocolo Opossum, Burrowing Parakeet and Torrent Duck, just to name a few.


During early 2015 he made his first overseas trip in the company of his wife Patricia and his 4-year old daughter Violeta. This was a full 6 months travelling across Southeast Asia and now he's come back home, glad and proud to share with passengers the best of the chilean birding possibilities but also the culture, landscapes and nature in all its forms of expression of this blessed country.

Rodrigo speaks english and he's currently guiding all over the country 

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Cristofer, was born in Santiago but grew up in Punta Arenas, getting a very deep connection with nature from his early years of childhood in the amazing landscapes of southern Patagonia.


He studied to become a Vet but it was his passion for wildlife and birdwatching near to home that enabled him to continue with the ( to him !!) boring courses and finish university.


Very quickly he started to travel and work, always in the fields related to the study of the enviroment and looking for wildlife and birds.


Cristofer has been an expert wildlife guide for over 7 years (mainly in Patagonia), running trips in every field, birdwatching, whalewatching in the fjords, and studying the Pumas of Torres del Paine.


He has made more than 100 landings in Cape Horn, and has international experience in whalewatching in Iceland, plus polar experience in latitude 78ºS in Antarctica!


Cris is the father of two children and he and his wife live in Punta Arenas where, when he is not leading nature expeditions, he works as the administrator for the (Steiner) Waldorf kindergarten. Cris speaks fluent english.

Cristofer De la Rivera

Birding Guide